Redfish Charters in Naples Redfish, or Red Drum, is an extremely popular and fun target fish and delicious as well. Southwest Florida is an excellent Redfish area, due to our many brackish estuaries, where Redfish live and spawn.

Also known as channel bass, spottail, red bass or reds. Redfish are a widespread and frequent tournament targets. Redfish live in the nearshore waters as juveniles and offshore waters as adults all along the Florida coast.

Red drum, or Redfish, in Florida can be up to 45 inches long and reach 51 pounds.

Redfish are attracted to live shrimp, crabs, mullet, pinfish, and killifish. They are also lured by soft-bodied jigs, spoons and even top-water plugs.

Open Season: year round
Legal Length: Not less than 18″ no more than 27″ total length
Keep: 1 fish per person per day; 8 fish vessel limit in South Zone (southwest Florida)
Must remain in whole condition until landed ashore

Legal Gear: hook and line, cast nets
Illegal Gear: Gigging, snatching, spearing and/or use of multiple hooks in conjunction with live or dead natural bait is prohibited

Click to view the Redfish Workshop Presentation

Click to view the Redfish Workshop Presentation

Redfish In Depth

Capt. McNichols teaches classes on specific fish species. This presentation is from his workshop on Redfish Fishing in Southwest Florida.

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